Warning! This is pre-Alpha release. It is fully functional but still under testing. Use at your own risk with small amounts.

Your own Instant Exchange Gateway. Forever.

STeX Gateway video explanation.

Minimum exchange volume is 0.1 ETH or equal 0.1 ETH in BTC!
Please don't send less - transactions will be lost!

Need Ether for Bitcoin or vice versa? Enter your Ethereum wallet address once, and get YOUR OWN permanent Bitcoin exchange address. Any Bitcoins sent to this address will be automatically converted to Ethereum and sent to your Ethereum wallet. No need to fill the forms on website, just send Bitcoins to your Bitcoin exchange address any time you want, and they will be converted instantly and sent back to your private Ethereum wallet. This Gateway stays with you forever. You can give this address to someone else and receive funds they send to you in a currency of your choice automatically. You can see all the history of transactions and use it in your online payment system, if you want. More currencies are on the way.

Do you want a fixed rate so that you can receive the exact amount? Fix the rate on our website and send the funds within half an hour - they will be converted at the fixed rate you see upon entering your order. This feature is limited to the value of 1 ETH per all unfinished transactions. All funds above this limit will be converted at the market price.

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ETH/BTC: 0.03161
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